A Glowing Light

Shot Info:  Canon 5D with Canon 24-70 at 58mm.  Set to ISO 100 exposed at f/16 for 1/3 of a second.


Big Sur has to be one of the most beautiful sections of California’s coast.  There are meandering streams, jagged cliffs, pristine beaches, and just about everywhere you look there is something to photograph.  For this image I was poking around an area called Pfeiffer’s Beach.  The beach is located down a small winding road that ends in a small parking area (fee required).  I’ve been there a few times and have never seen more than a dozen cars so it’s a nice spot for lunch or to enjoy the sunset.

After walking down the short sand path to the beach, the first thing you notice are the large offshore rocky ridges.  Many of these rocky outcrops have tunnels eroded through them.  This was one of the biggest and first opening I came across and I quickly setup my camera and tripod.  The evening light was swiftly changing so I had to work fast, and while shooting this spot, there was only a few minutes when the light angled into the opening from the right direction.

This image was tough since there were dark rocks, intense sunlight, and the crashing waves that all made for an interesting balancing act.  I knew that the sky would be blown out, but for this image I like how the small opening seems to spill water and a golden light across the darker rock walls.  There is a distinct  feeling of movement and place not captured in many of the other images I took that day.



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