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Road Trip to San Francisco

Well just got back from a week long trip up the California coast, the weather was beautiful and I had a great time.  It was almost worth it just for the bread bowls of clam […]

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Around Town

I’ve been expanding my photographic comfort zone to include people and more portrait work.  In the future I may even put some of that work up, but for now I’m still experimenting and trying to […]

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San Diego black out

Had an interesting day today when everything turned off.  Apparently, San Diego and most of the southwest had a massive power outage.  In true California style, most of my neighbors ended up partying and I […]

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I’m a mom

I know it’s a little late but on mother’s day I had some baby bearded dragons hatch out.  More mouths to feed.  

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More Death Valley Photos

Thought I’d put up a few more photographs from my trip to Death Valley, planning another to Yosemite at the end of this month.  It was crazy, but while in Death Valley someone committed suicide […]

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Back after a loooongggg break

Well if you come here at all I’m sure you noticed it’s been a while since I’ve updated things.  I’ve still been shooting, just now I’ve started to try my hand at portrait photography.  I […]

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Shooting around Torrey Pines

Been busy shooting closer to home and refining a few different techniques for HDR images.  Here are a few shots from around San Diego as I get ready for a trip to Death Valley. First […]

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Small Pond in Yosemite

Going through old photos and testing out new HDR programs led to this shot.  It’s from several years ago but still has a nice feel to it.  Yosemite is such a beautiful place and it […]

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Eastern Sierras

Just got back from a three day trip to the Eastern Sierras.  The fall colors are amazing and caught the tail end of a storm so there was snow on the mountains and sometimes frustrating […]

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Clearing Storm

Stepped onto my balcony the other night and saw that the rain clouds were finally clearing out over the Pacific.  What a beautiful time to shoot.  Here are a few from last night. A few […]

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