Shooting around Torrey Pines

Been busy shooting closer to home and refining a few different techniques for HDR images.  Here are a few shots from around San Diego as I get ready for a trip to Death Valley.

First up are some photographs taken at Torrey Pines State Reserve.  The weather was nice, but I had hopes for a better sunset.  I was reminded rather sternly that hanging near the sides of the sandstone cliffs is a big “no no” if I wanted to see another year.

Here is a different view of a nearby gliderport.  From what I understand they get a good view of the nude beach below (although it was a little chilly for that).

A solitary hawk was sitting on was of the more well known trees at Torrey Pine.

Before the sun drifted behind some clouds, the cliffs glowed.

I also got lucky (after being yelled at) and captured one of the many crows as it cruised in front of the evening clouds.

Finally, just as the sun was setting I grabbed this mellow evening shot.  This was taken with the 14mm so there is a lot going on in the image.

It’s amazing how many photographic opportunities are in my own back yard.  I’ll post some new more “urban” shots later.


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