Back after a loooongggg break

Well if you come here at all I’m sure you noticed it’s been a while since I’ve updated things.  I’ve still been shooting, just now I’ve started to try my hand at portrait photography.  I may actually start a second site focused just on that (if I feel like I know what I’m doing).  Until then here are a few recent photographs.



I never even knew this little spot existed until the other day when I was out hiking, all the rain made for a very cool little river.

Birch aquarium is always a fun trip in San Diego.  I can’t keep a goldfish alive so I’m amazed whenever I see something like this.

Here is one of the first photos I took on a recent trip to Death Valley, the morning light worked well here.  This was the first time I’ve seen Lake Manly full of water, and apparently this season has been one of the wettest in recent times.  I will post more from that trip in the coming week.



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