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No Place Like Home

Well I got back not too long ago from visiting family on the east coast.  Staying in Cape May, a town on the southern tip of New Jersey, brought back a lot of memories and […]

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New Jersey

Went back to the east coast (Cape May) for a brief vacation.  Here are some of the photographs from that trip.

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Abstract Insects

I’m going to be getting back into the swing of things here by posting more often and doing some much needed expanding of the site.  First up are some shots taken a while ago on […]

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Old Photos from Yosemite

While I’m waiting on a few more hard drives to arrive (thank god they’re cheap now), I’ve spent some time going over a few older photographs.  Both of these images were taken during a week […]

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Back from Utah

Well I just got back from a tiring but amazing trip to Utah and northern Arizona.  The days were hot and frustratingly free of interesting clouds or weather, so many of my photos have that […]

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Here are some photos from my most recent trip into Oregon.  Next month…. Utah.  

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Death and Goats

Well as I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently got back from a crazy adventure throughout the amazing state of Oregon.  I thought that I’d begin at the end and share some of the […]

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A few old photos

Well I was going through some older photographs and I realize that I have a lot of long exposure coastal shots.  Perhaps it’s something left over from a childhood spent near the beach.  As a […]

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Well not too long ago I got back from a sleep deprived week long road trip through Oregon.  I have to say that the state is amazing, like driving through a giant national park.  There […]

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Content Aware

Like many I recently upgraded to Adobe’s CS5.  I did it mostly for the better raw handling and improved HDR (which I still think kinda sucks).  However, everyone seems to be talking about the content […]

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