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Two Favorite (free) Programs

Well recently I’ve taken some down time from shooting photographs to actually look at the best way to process some older images.  Landscape photographers have always been confronted by a few common problems.  The most […]

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Something from Nothing

Every nature photographer has had days where things just don’t seem to work.  The light is wrong, the sunset never comes, it’s too windy, or you’re out of inspiration.  Whatever the problem is, these difficult […]

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Fun with HDR

Intro: Let me begin by saying I don’t shoot many HDR (High Dynamic Range) images so this little article is written with that in mind.  I also have a tendency to skip over most software […]

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Shooting in Tough Conditions

Preface: This is the first in a series of mini-articles on topics that interest me and may help others discover some of the ins and outs of nature photography.  I’d like to think that I […]

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