More Salton Sea Night Photos

Here are a few more photographs from a recent trip to the Salton Sea.  As you can see the area has an almost alien feel.  There are definitely a lot of opportunities to make some interesting images.

This first image is another view of several mud volcanoes.  The glowing lights and crazy sky comes from the long exposure, a distant town’s lights, and a rising moon still behind clouds.

Mud Volcanoes at night along the Salton Sea

For this next photo I was shooting near an old house that was falling apart.  Near it were these now useless telephone poles that have an unavoidable symbolism to them.  Interesting enough when shooting the long (several minute exposure) the night sky flickered and lit up for a few seconds.  When I looked up, somewhat fearful of a alien abduction, I watched a large meteor streak by overhead.  Cool to see and a nice top off to the night.

Salton Sea at Night with Telephone Poles

I’ve always loved capturing human’s interactions with nature.   Photographs like this remind me of how precious and fleeting life is.  Given enough time, nature always seems to reclaim what it lost.


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