Kauai Waterfall

Earlier this year I went to Kauai, Hawaii’s garden isle as it’s affectionately known, for a week long trip.  The island is small with a main road that travels along its edge, and it only takes a few hours to drive around the entire island (or at least the part that has a road).  Despite the small size Kauai has such a diverse range of climate and landscapes.  It would be raining on the northern part, where I stayed, and dry and sunny 45 minutes south.  The changing weather definitely made things challenging, but when the rain cooperated the photographic opportunities were astounding.  There were waterfalls, beautiful beaches, meandering streams, and friendly people (except for one person who tried to ram my car with his truck) that made everything memorable.

The reason I bring up Kauai now is that I’ve been going through all the photos trying to put together a short book of the trip.  It’s more of an experiment now but I’ll let everyone know when it’s done.  Until then here is a photo from the top of a cliff before the water plunged over the side.



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